Lindy Blogs

Here you will find a list of Lindy Blogs which I follow. Not all are updated regularly, but they have all contributed some interesting tidbit to the Lindy Blogosphere. Check it out, and if you have another blog to recommend, please share!*

Lindy Blogs to Read:

Dance World Takeover

Dancing Past the Godzilla Threshold

Declaration of LindepenDANCE


It’s the Way that you Do It

Jazz it up with Jo


Lindy Hop Variations for Followers

Parrot Cat

The Rantings of a Lindy Hopper


Wandering and Pondering

A Word on Swing

What Should We Call Swing Dance


Other important swing-related websites, groups, essays, and forums to look at:

Bug’s Question of the Day

Essays by Nathan Bugh, for Swing Dance Education

History of Lindy Hop

Swing Dancing on Reddit

Wandering and Pondering on Facebook



For the Aspiring Hair, Make-up, and Fashion Dancers:

Jo’s Hair Posts

Lindy Shopper

Swing Fashionista

The Beauty Department**


*I would like to note that this is not an exhaustive list — this is just the list I try to pay attention to, when I have a bit of spare time.

**not a swing blog, but easily the best blog I’ve found with hair and make-up tutorials!

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