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Ambidancetrous Etiquette

As more people become ambidancetrous, we all have a little to learn about the etiquette required to respect them as dancers in both their primary and non-primary roles.


raising the bar: gendered roles in dance

Have you ever had one of those dances which raises a bar you didn’t even know was there? Let me paint a picture. In line with my recent choice to give blues a second shot, I attended Friday Night Blues in San Francisco.*  So there I was, at a new venue, new to the scene, and trying to dance with…

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I miss solo dancing in Atlanta – so when I went to San Francisco for a swing dance, I ambled to a corner and jammed a little, because that’s what I’m used to (and because it’s not my hobby if I don’t practice!). There I was, stumbling through a series of moves and trying not to feel self-conscious as two…