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Ambidancetrous Etiquette

As more people become ambidancetrous, we all have a little to learn about the etiquette required to respect them as dancers in both their primary and non-primary roles.


Difficult Conversations: Broaching the Topic of an Intimate Connection on the Dance Floor

Uncomfortable Connections on the Dance Floor I’m fairly certain that we’ve all experienced that moment where a lead or follow connects to us in an uncomfortable way. Maybe it is uncomfortable because it is physically painful, or maybe it’s uncomfortable because it’s an intimate place on my body — it happens. How do you manage it? If you are a mature…

Unapologetic Consent: Your Obligation To Offer It, and Your Right to Revoke It

Consent, by definition, is the permission for something to happen, or an agreement to do something. It’s a pretty simple concept. But for such a simple concept, I find that consent is often misunderstood, abused, or completely ignored — even in the dance community. Consent cannot be influenced by age, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, politics, or hair color. Consent can…

Inspire and Empower through Swing for Kids: an Interview with Kimberley Kays

Swing for Kids inspires and empowers students through swing dance. We do this by providing a 10-week in-school Swing Dance program to 5th Graders; the program promotes Social & Emotional skills, Cultural Competency, and Health & Wellness. Now Swing for Kids is seeking aprtners and donors to help expand to more schools — read to find out more about this program and how you can help!

On the Joy of Dancing with Each Other

I was browsing Facebook (as you do), and I came across Bug’s Question of the Day. The question asked about the balance between when a follow is contributing to a dance versus when a follow hijacks the moment. The conversation went as you would expect (where most answers did not answer the actual question); however, I did find this gem…

Happy Dance Fun Time

Hello, my friends. It’s been a while (vague post about the hiatus on my personal blog), but I’m probably back to semi-regular updates (no promises). Statesboro Swings Out had this awesome theme for their upcoming event, and I keep seeing promo videos of it crop up on occasion. The answer the following question: “What’s your HappyDanceFunTime?” This answer brings you…