Ochos Variations

Basic Sandwich

The sandwich is a simple and beautiful move often done out of ochos. There are a lot of steps in this move, so read slowly, move slowly, and try to be intentional in each and every moment:

  • This move comes out of ochos
  • As the lead guides the follow towards his right, he should initiate a larger rotation (though not necessarily a larger step).*
  • The lead should slide his right foot out to gently touch the follow’s left foot. At the same time, he should lead the follow to step backwards into the over-rotated ocho.Copy a Page
  • The follow will step backwards, but she should leave her left foot (the one being touched by the lead’s foot) where it is; all of her weight will be on her back right foot, and she should be able to control her own balance
  • The lead should step over the follow’s foot with his left and “sandwich” the follow’s left foot between his own
  • The lead will then step backwards with his right, creating an open space
  • The lead will guide the follow to step forward
  • The forward should shift her weight onto her left, drag her right foot until it meets the feet in the way, and then step over the touching feet
  • Once the follow’s weight is on her left foot, the lead can rotate her back, lead her to step in front of him, and walk out normally

*This step is important because it allows the follow to step closer to the lead, which allows both the lead and the follow to maintain their respective balance more easily.


  • This is a slow move. It is significantly easier and significantly more impressive if you take your time, so don’t rush!
  • Both the lead and the follow should always glide their feet along the ground; if you pick up your foot, it is more likely that you’ll step on either yourself or your partner
  • The follow can take this moment to shine by adding little flourishes like kicks and drags


Front Boleo with Knee Bump

Start in Ochos

  • The lead should guide the follow into an over-rotated ocho towards his right
  • Immediately after rotating the follow and initiating the step, the lead should guide his right foot just behind the follow’s
  • Here, the follow’s weight will be on her right leg, and the lead’s will also be on his right. The lead’s right thigh should be touching the follow’s left.
  • Using his thigh, the lead should lean into the follow’s left leg and “bump” the follow’s left leg up
  • The follow’s momentum will continue, and her left leg will wrap up and around her right leg
  • When the follow’s momentum travels back, the lead should guide the follow to step in front of him onto her left leg; the lead’s weight should be on his right
  • The lead can walk straight out normally with his free foot (the left), which will cause the follow to walk out normally with her free foot (the right)


If you’re struggling with balance, make sure you’re standing close to each other. The further away you are from each other, the harder it will be to stay balanced.

The lead should make sure that the movement is initiated from his thigh, not from the knee. While it’s easier to feel the movement of the knee, trying to “bump” the follow’s leg using his knee will feel jerky and unbalanced.

The follow should try to let her leg flow without controlling the movement. The “bump” should give your leg momentum, and the momentum will cause the boleo. Let go of your control!


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