Intermediate 6-count Turns

Side Pass w/ Hand Change

  1. Lead and follow are in open position; lead initiates a rock step
  2. Lead lifts hand and steps forward so that he and the follow will pass each other. As he steps forward, he changes the follow’s hand from his left to his right
  3. The lead steps forward (without turning) so that he and the follow are facing the same direction.

Add on: Toe Touches

  1. The lead touches his toes to the side, starting with the left; the follow should see the lead doing this and mimic his actions (or not – it’s her choice!)


  1. The lead will rock step when his right foot is free. If he steps directly backwards and pushes the follow at the same time, she will rock step as well.
  2. The lead brings his hand back to “neutral” and lets go. The rock step & momentum will cause both the follow and the lead to turn in a clockwise direction.
  3. Lead and follow should step back to normal. When the lead returns to normal, he should initiate a rock step on his left foot. This will require either leaving out one step or adding one step in (either 2 steps or 4 steps, rather than a triple step through the turn), which will allow him to end on the correct foot.




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