Frankie’s Favorites

Frankie’s Favorite Moves

This section is dedicated to some of Frankie’s Favorite Moves, which should be a staple in any dancer’s repertoire. The good thing about Frankie’s Favorite’s is that many of the moves are simple and goofy, which adds a fun layer to your dancing.

Swing Out with Shuffles

  • Start a swing out normally
  • On 4, the lead should plant his weight and direct his attention to the right
  • The lead should initiate movement to the right. This is easiest done by using the right arm (the one connected to the follow’s back) and gently leading the follow to the right with a tug. The lead can aid this visually by looking to the right, pointing, and really moving in that direction
  • The lead should shuffle to the right on each half count, almost like a gallop: and 5, and 6, and 7, and 8
  • After 8, the lead should initiate a rock step, which will allow him to build momentum to do the next series of moves (whether it’s the same swing out with shuffles or another move)

Tip: This move looks best when you cover a lot of distance. Move it!


Pecks are one of the simplest, goofiest, and most fun moves you can do in swing dancing. The basic idea is as follows:

  • Stop
  • Peck

Leads: when you stop, make sure to really plant your weight so that the follow knows you’re not going anywhere


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