Happy Dance Fun Time

Hello, my friends. It’s been a while (vague post about the hiatus on my personal blog), but I’m probably back to semi-regular updates (no promises).

Statesboro Swings Out had this awesome theme for their upcoming event, and I keep seeing promo videos of it crop up on occasion. The answer the following question:

“What’s your HappyDanceFunTime?”

This answer brings you happy feet (literally):

And check out this handsome man whose HappyDanceFunTime covers pretty much the whole spectrum of Lindy Hop:

I love this project because it emphasizes one of my favorite aspect of partner dancing: it’s full of happiness.

My favorite HappyDanceFunTime is that magical dance you have with someone you dance with regularly (or semi-regularly) which blows all others out of the water. It’s when you’ve had all these good dances and you dance because you’re friends – but then one night, you have a great dance – an amazing one. It’s off the charts. It’s historical. It’s worth writing home about, even though it’s faster to call than it is to write and in reality, your mom doesn’t care about an amazing (nay, historical) dance you had seven to ten days ago.

Four examples:

1)      I’ve had dances so good that I’ve refused to dance with that lead a second time that night because I didn’t want to ruin the memory of what might be our best dance ever.

2)      Other times, it’s so good that I immediately ask for another dance so that I can keep the groove going. And then maybe five more dances that night, because every dance is “fucking baller.”

3)      Once in a while, I get a true and lasting friendship out of a series of mind-blowingly amazing dances .

4)      Sometimes it’s so good that I want to tackle my dance partner to the floor, cuddle him with my whole body, and then maybe have a cigarette after. Because sometimes, it’s better than sex.

And for the record, I am referencing specific leads above – so thank you 1) Robert, 2) Mark, 3) Chris & Phillipe, and 4) Graham.


PS – I would totally be at the upcoming SSO if I could afford the plane ticket + time off. If you’re able, you should not miss this event!


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