In case you missed it!

This has been a busy week in the world of the Lindy Affair.

First, I was a guest on PaulTalks! I think Paul is super awesome, and when he invited me to be part of his “People of Lindy Focus” series (not to be confused with the “Faces of Lindy Focus” photography series), I was super excited! If you would like to keep an eye out for entertaining moments, look for my apt illustration of what the Lindy Hop Community is. Also, I kick self-doubt in the face.


On the same day, I published a the post Photos Belong on Your Real Wall – Not Just Facebook, detailing the reasons you should buy prints and hi-res files after an event. Go back to read the entire blog, and make sure to look through the comments – there are some really discussions started in there about some of the following topics:

  • Hiring photographers for events – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • At what time does it become exploitation?
  • How should amateur photographers behave at events where there are also professionals

Get involved in that discussion! It’s interesting!


On Wednesday, I wrote a guest blog post for #LindyHopProblems! In it, I will solve all your problems related to auditioning at a workshop and not getting your preferred track! I won’t spoil the surprise – but seriously? Suck it up. Learn things.

Be awesome.


Coincidentally, two other well-written and thoughtful pieces about auditions came out around the same time! The first is Lindy Focus XII – Life in Auditions Land by Kenny, who writes about Lindy Focus Track Auditions from the perspective of being the auditions coordinator. Kenny explains how the people of Lindy Focus are truly dedicated to creating the best auditions process possible; he also gives advice on how to have a good auditions experience.

The second post is A Thousand Words on Auditions by Alex, who explains that not everyone should be in the top track – and it’s okay if that includes you, too; as wise as he is, Alex also gives some sage advice on having a positive auditions experience.

I wish I could say the timing of these three posts was planned…but that’s wholly untrue.


And because I love this screenshot so much, here it is again:


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