The Honeysuckle Roses Debut

I have exciting news! I have joined an all-girls vintage jazz dance troupe in Sacramento, California. We’re called the Honeysuckle Roses, and we just had our first performance at Midtown Stomp last week! Check out our adaptation of Falty’s Blackbottom routine:

I gotta say, these ladies are pretty amazing. They’re smart, funny, talented women, and I’m lucky to be part of the troupe! I could wax on excessively about how important this group is to me – for dancing, for the community, for new friendships – but suffice to say that this group might have saved my sanity. I travel an hour and a half each way for rehearsal, but it is entirely worth the time I spend in a car each week.

Our next performance is at the 9:20 Special on December 5th – if you’re in town, please come check us out!

Myself and another one of the Roses (Amber), post-performance.

Myself and another one of the Roses, post-performance. I’m not actually that tan – Amber’s just that pale!


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