Video for learning the Al & Leon Shim Sham

Have you ever wanted to learn the Al & Leon Shim Sham? Well, the videos available on youtube often leave something to be desired. As such, we’ve undertaken a project to create videos which make learning some of these classic choreographies a little more manageable.

This video includes a front & back view, music, and tags so you can jump to specific moves. If you would like a break down of the specific counts for each move, I suggest this handy spreadsheet, which I spoke about in my first post on the Al & Leon Shim Sham. You can also look at the ABC’s of Jazz, which covers the majority of the steps in this video (look at the description to jump to a specific move).

Note: this video demonstrates the very basics of the Al & Leon Shim Sham. There are a few other videos out there (such as the series) which have variations on common moves, but part of the fun is adding your own flair!*


If you have any feedback about what you find useful in a dance video, please leave a comment! We tried to cover many of the bases, but it’s nearly impossible to cover them all without overwhelming the viewer. There are plans for more videos like this, so the more feedback you have, the more useful future videos will be!

Many thanks to Stuart, who was an amazing help in the making of this video. He has video editing skills like you wouldn’t believe!


*I have a lot of thoughts on this. Look out for it next time!


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