dance posts: reference / archive

This is a reference to all the posts on dancing which I have written in the past. These posts were originally published on move(me)nt, but as the focus of that blog split, this blog was created to house all future posts which relate to dancing and the dancing community. The posts are listed by topic, and then in reverse chronological order.

Dance Community

growing the swing dance community – thoughts and questions
what makes a good scene for beginner dancers – some ideas and questions
the hidden reason we become lindy hoppers – a response
shim sham jam – an awesome shim-sham inspired jam circle
practica: good feedback – some thoughts on how the Atlanta practica was going
thoughts on the word “no” – on the controversy of declining a dance
the big apple jam fam – on the community feeling given by doing the Big Apple
lindy practica: interest? – trying to determine interest in a lindy practice group in Atlanta

Improving my Dance

teaching the tranky doo in Atlanta! – and nerding out with a spreadsheet
improving as an intermediate-advanced dancer – some thoughts, ideas, and challenges
the four stages of competence in dancing
– also known as that time when you realized you actually still sucked
muddling through dance advice, part two – thoughts on things learned from a private with Evita
muddling through dance advice, part one – thoughts on things learned from Hop Shop 2012
how michael gamble changed my life – a pivotal breakthrough in my own dancing
hop shop: class notes – notes from one of the most badass workshops ever
energy and attitude – the effects the two can have on dancing

Inspiring Performances

dance as art: inspiring others – the inspiration that comes from watching others dance
how far is too far? – a blues performance by Paul and Amanda which pushed some boundaries

Dance Events

a short note on KLX and dancing for the hell of dancing – also known as when I had fun with dancing again
the 20(12) ways ILHC rocked my socks off – exactly what it says. Badass.
cumberland shuffle – another review of another great year
avs 2011 – the good, the bad, the nostalgia
hop shop: the next level in your dancing – really. this event is badass.
cumberland shuffle: utterly unique – the awesomeness that happens in Nashville
high society meetup: ready for more! – the awesomeness that was Peter and Naomi in a tiny workshop
swing and soul: “I’m the king of France!” – despite the fact that I was less than dazzled, it’s still one of the best events I’ve ever been to
event review: KLX
Southern Belle Swing Bash 2010
: a review


some thoughts on being in a dance “funk” – more struggles and some methods to get through it
dance depression – some struggles with loving to dance
congratulations to the AVS scholarship winners! – some people went to an event for free to learn things!
competing in solo jazz – and why it probably won’t happen again for a while
on succeeding in competitions – some thoughts after working the comps at ILHC
accidental DJ debut: ain’t nobody here but us chickens – the DJ didn’t show up, and I had my computer
dance-a-thon challenge – dancing every day for a week!
best in show? – Emory Swing Club performance; thoughts on choreography and performing for non-dancers
goofing off – goofy moments
frog jump
– awesome moments in dancing


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